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Well, who’d have thought that house sitting at a place with no satellite tv for a week would lead to me reading 3 books this week?  I’m as shocked as anyone else.  I’ve been staying at my fiance’s house this week to watch our dog Charlie while he and 5 of his friends are gone camping and canoeing all over Algonquin Park.  There’s pretty much nothing to do there except read and play with the cat and go on the internet(which takes forever because he can’t get high-speed out in the county).  While I was there, I finished reading The Devil Wears Prada (which is MUCH better than the movie), Dean Koontz’ The Husband (which was really good).  I actually forgot about him as a writer.  He writes really well and his books are really good light-don’t-have -to-think-about-it-too-much stories.  I forgot how much I liked reading his books.  I also finished Tosca Reno’s The Eat-Clean Diet.  This book is written by one of the writers of Oxygen fitness magazine and she gives her tips on how to improve your body, health, and overall fitnesse by changeing your eating habits.  It lists some of the best foods to eat to burn calories and fat.  I’ve been doing this for a few days so far and am already feeling better about myself. 

So, today, I’m house-sitting for my best friend’s dog and cat.  Her, her sister and mother have gone to Ottawa for the weekend for a cousin’s wedding.  The dog, Molly, was really excited to see me at first and now she’s pouting because she’s realized that her owners aren’t coming back for a while.  The cat, Gizmo, is indifferent.  He doesn’t care who is here as long as he’s getting fed.  So, it’s cool to be here because they have high speed internet and no dog tha’s always jumping on me wanting to play all of the time. 

Fiance comes back home Sunday afternoon, along with my friend.  I, however, am leaving the same day to go to Toronto with a friend of mine to help her get her place set up before school starts in September.  Soooooo, I will not see my boy until maybe Tuesday.  I’m missing him a lot even though I haven’t admitted it to anyone except my laptop.  Oh well.  I will survive.  It’s only for a little over a week.


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